Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) Ladysmith 2101 Aerie and Auxiliary.

We are a Not for Profit Organization that raises money for local charities all over Canada and the U.S, Starting with the Grand Aerie, Local Aeries branched out to Towns and Cities all over North America. The first Aerie of F.O.E was established in Seattle Washington in 1898, by a group of local theater owners who came together to share their passion for local wellness, and social gathering. Locally our present Aerie was formed in 1927 and has flourished to the strong organization we have today, with hard work, friendship, and family. All coming together to help whenever and wherever we can.

91 years later, The F.O.E Ladysmith 2101 continues to work hard to bring citizens together in the name of bettering communities and raising funds to assist friends and neighbors in need. The F.O.E is credited with the creation Mothers Day to celebrate our Mothers to Memorial Day to pay homage to our fallen soldiers.

Ladysmith 2101 Aerie and Auxiliary donate thousands of dollars annually to Local Sports groups, Festivals and Celebrations, and Community Support groups. Our motto is “People Helping People”, no life has been left untouched by the actions of an Eagle. Ladysmith High School graduates are the beneficiaries of seven bursaries totaling $7,000 annually

If you have any interest in becoming an Eagle Please Refer to the “Become A Member” Page for Further Information.